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Lifecycle Checkups

At Village Health we are all about preventative care. Preventative care to us, means looking after ourselves throughout our lives so that we can enjoy everything on offer.

We are lucky enough to employ dietitians here at Village Health. Our dietitians don't hand out diets. They are trained to listen to you, your experiences with food and life in general - and then to help you move toward healthier living no matter what stage you are at.

Below we have listed some key stages of life, where you or a loved one may benefit from a dietitian review.

Length of appointment and fee will depend on the type of consult provided. Please contact our dietitians for more information.


Follow the links below for more information.

From 4 months - Introducing solids and allergy prevention

Toddlers to Teenagers - Healthy eating habits and supporting bowel health

Pre-conception nutrition - Planning pregnancy?

Pregnancy nutrition - supporting important nutrients

The Working 'Well' - acknowledging busy lives and maintaining balance

35-55 years - Have you had your heart health check?


Weight management

55+ years - Bone health assessment, how to keep your skeleton strong

Overcoming a poor appetite and avoiding malnutrition in older years

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