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Toddlers to Teenagers

In an increasingly confusing food environment, it can be so hard to feel confident in your food decisions. When we are responsible for providing food for our children, it can be a stressful time navigating the constantly changing world of food. Add to this, all sorts of 'online experts' who think they know the best for you and your family.

We know that food is a personal thing. When it comes to healthy families - we know it's best to get the whole family involved. Quite often, our children will grow up with the same likes and dislikes their parents. Role modeling is the single best thing you can do when it comes to increasing your child's food acceptance.


Some of the common things we see families struggling with are:

  • one or more family members 'fussy eating'

  • ideas for healthy lunches and other meals

  • reading labels and choosing products that fit their family's needs

  • buying enough nutritious food on a budget


Our dietitians can help make sense of conflicting food information, and help you to create sustainable healthy habits for your children, no matter their age.

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