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Dr Beth is a specialist GP with extended role in breastfeeding medicine, she provides evidence based infant feeding support for parents and babies.

She is passionate about helping babies to get the best start in life and fostering positive relationships between parents and pēpi. 

Why see Beth? 

- Challenges with infant feeding
- Supply issues 
- Breast or nipple pain 
- Issues with latch or suspected tongue tie 
- 'fussy' baby 
- Mastitis 
- Infant growth concerns 
- Antenatal breastfeeding support 

How can Dr Beth help? 

A consultation with Beth is 60 minutes long, during this time she will do a full feeding assessment to identify any issues, from there she will support you with a plan, prescribe medications if needed and can refer directly to the public hospital for frenotomy (tongue tie release) if indicated. 

Consultation can be done in-person at Village Health (30 Lincoln Road) or virtually. 


Patients are welcome to self-refer to Dr Beth, for GP referrals please email to


$300 for a 60 minute appointment, including prescribing and referrals as necessary.

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