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Travel Information

Travelling Soon?

Are you going overseas soon and are looking for more information about travel vaccinations and setting up a plan for a safe and healthy trip?

We offer travel consultations and travel vaccines for our patients.

Travel Vaccinations*


Plan for a safe and healthy trip by getting the right vaccines, medication and advice for the countries you are visiting. When you have lived in New Zealand for many years, even a visit to family may put you at risk for illness. It is important to get the best information, that’s why we recommend you have an initial consultation with the GP.



Some vaccinations require several doses over several months to be effective, so where possible see us 6 months prior to departure, if an extensive trip or you are travelling with children. Otherwise, we recommend a minimum of 6 weeks.


Prior to your travel consultation...

Prior to the travel consultation you’ll need to complete the Travel Vaccination Planner. This lets us know the countries you plan to visit, the type of travel and any previous vaccinations you have had. You can find the form here.


Please send the completed Travel Vaccination Planer to


Initial Travel Consult

The initial travel consultation with the doctor can be either in-person or over the phone. It includes an individual health and risk assessment, a recommended vaccines schedule and travel advice.



  • The doctor's travel consultation is $99.00-$170.00 /person. Discount for each subsequent family member travelling on the same trip is $10.00. 

  • Please ensure your Travel Vaccination Planner is as complete as possible. If your form has missing information that requires a nurse consult, you may be charged an additional fee of $40.00. 

  • Travel vaccinations are not free and must be paid for before the vaccines are ordered.

  • Price of the quoted vaccination schedule includes the doctor's prescription fee, nurse appointment and administration of vaccines. 

  •  A healthcare assistant will contact you to make an appointment once the vaccines arrive. 

  • A $25.00 / person applies to prescriptions for malaria prevention, nausea/vomiting, diarrhoea, painkillers or standby antibiotics you may need.

Current cost of Travel Vaccines can be found here

Travel medicine is not government subsidised, so children are charged the same fees as adults and there is a fee for blood tests (eg., Hepatitis A and B, Rabies) when required.

Note: we are unable to vaccinate for Yellow Fever; please book with an authorised health professional for this vaccination at least 2 weeks prior to your departure.

The cost of vaccination is a small percentage of the overall cost of your travel. Vaccination is effective for providing protection against serious and life-threatening illnesses and to safeguard you and your family or companions for an enjoyable trip!

For more info see

*Services only available for enrolled patients.

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