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You can request a repeat of your current prescriptions below.


Repeat prescriptions are not subsidised service and do not require an appointment in clinic unless the patient has been requested to book an appointment for a face-to-face review by their GP. 

Please note that:

There is a fee for prescription renewals:

  • $25 - standard prescription, up to 3 working days

  • $30 - controlled drug prescription*

  • $35 - urgent prescription, within 24 hours (please call for an urgent prescription)

* Controlled drug prescriptions - for patients under 14 years of age, fees may be subsidised

Completing this form does not guarantee that your request will be approved. The doctor may still wish to see you, in which case a nurse will call you.

If you have recently been in hospital we normally would want to see you before prescribing again.

Doctors have the final authority to decline a repeat prescription if in their opinion it is not clinically sound practice. This includes prescriptions for patients of other doctors. If the patient's medical history is unfamiliar to the prescribing doctor, he/she may decline to renew the prescription. In such circumstances you will need to see a new doctor, in this case, standard consultation fees would apply.

Online prescription requests are normally for regular or ongoing medications and will have been discussed with your doctor previously.

Prescriptions will normally take up to three working days to process. Please let us know via phone 03 338 8595, if you prescription is required urgently. Please note that there is an additional fee for urgency.

Please fill in the form below and then click the Send button.

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