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Lincoln Road Medical Practice and Village Health have an interesting history. In the 1950’s Dr Harry Crofts started his practice at the front of his house in Lyttleton Street but in the 1970’s Harry succumbs to his wife’s pressure to separate work and home-life and moves the family to a house up on Worsleys Road and the practice moves down to 92 Lincoln Road.

In 1988 Dr Harry Crofts sadly dies suddenly of a stroke and his daughter, Dr Janine Close takes over his practice. Over the years the practice has seen Dr Paul Davies, Dr Wim Sheldon and Dr Sandra Fountain as well as several short and long term associates in the practice.

In 2014 Dr Miriam Martin (sister of Janine and of course daughter of Harry Crofts as well) as Village Health buys the practice off Janine so she can take a long sabbatical. In 2014 Village Health buys several other practices to make a nice big happy family of about 4 doctors. All the patients are now served by the one entity and are able to choose the doctor they prefer within Village Health whilst the doctors can enjoy the benefits of working together in a team with other health professionals.

The practice is now updating to an “Integrated Family Health Centre” structure –a team of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals who work together to achieve the best patient outcomes. Village Health has added a physiotherapist, Dietitian and healthcare assistant into the mix. Have a look at the “TEAMWORK” page to see how each profession works and how they can help you.



Village Health has, as of 22 March 2019, now moved into the purpose-built medical facility at 30 Lincoln Road. The new medical center has a more modern layout so we are better able to work as a team and provide you with better care.

We welcome Unichem Pharmacy and First Feet Podiatry to the building in conjunction with our Family Doctors and Dietitian services. We are extremely excited about our future and can’t wait to welcome new members of the community through our doors.

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