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We have adjusted our fees to reflect the administration load behind the scenes. We would prefer you to request scripts via the "Manage My Health" portal or set up a regular script with your GP (who will manage it via their task system). These prescriptions remain $25 as they are the easiest for us to manage.


Repeat medications do not require an appointment if your condition is stable - your doctor will let you know if they want to see you.

Note that repeat prescriptions are not a first level service and therefore not covered by capitation which is why it might seem odd that they are more expensive in some cases than a face-to-face appointment. 

  • Prescriptions requests are only for regular or ongoing medications and will have been discussed with your doctor previously. 

  • Completing this form does not guarantee that your request will be approved. The doctor may still wish to see you, in which case they will send a text. 

  • If you have recently been in hospital, we normally would want to see you before prescribing again. 

  • Please note, in most cases antibiotics WILL NOT be prescribed without an appointment. 

  • Controlled drug prescriptions - for patients under 14 years of age, fees may be subsidised. 

  • It is the doctor's final decision to prescribe or decline a repeat prescription. You may require a face-to-face appointment or wait until your own doctor is available. In either situation, standard consultation fees will apply. 

Repeat prescription fees: 

  • $25 - standard prescription, up to 3 working days via our patient portal - Manage My Health (or via prior arrangement with your GP)  Please click here to access Manage My Health. 

  • $30 - standard prescription, up to 3 working days via our website online form (Please fill in the form below and then click the Send button.) or via Text Message/ SMS.

  • $10 surcharge - urgent prescription, within 24 hours in a business day (please indicate on request for repeat medication as urgent ) 

  • $50 urgent on the day if requested by 12.00 noon on the day.

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