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Planning a pregnancy?

It's an exciting time!

We can help you to get prepared for this next chapter.

From a nutrition perspective, we know healthy habits are best established before conception. This way, when you have the bun in the oven, you can feel confident your little one has what they need right from the start.


Here's how we see things,

  • About 3 months prior conception, see your GP or dietitian for pre-pregnancy vitamins. You will need iodine, and folic acid at this time.

  • Manage any chronic conditions such as diabetes. We know high blood sugars can be detrimental to a developing fetus. Make sure you have your diabetes well-controlled before conception.

  • Find your happy weight. Establishing regular exercise habits and healthy eating practices can not only help you to conceive, but they can help you to manage any changes in weight without too much stress.

  • Prepare a healthy gut. Bowel issues are a hot topic at any life stage, but you can rest assured yours will change at some time during your pregnancy. Make sure you consume enough fibre and fluid to help keep your bowels moving and ensure your comfort as your body changes.

Whether it's a planned conception or otherwise, preparing your body for carrying a baby is paramount!

We are here for advice. Email for more information.

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