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20+ years – The Working ‘Well’

Being an adult can be a challenge sometimes right?

Nowadays, we know 'good health' means much more than just having good physical health.

The Maori model of health, reminds us that we have many aspects of health that need to be taken care of.

Those include

  • whanau or family health - this is about connecting with family and maintaining positive and open relationships

  • tinana or physical health - this involves eating well, moving your body, keeping up with regular check ups with your GP

  • hinengaro or emotional/mental health - now more than ever we are told to recognise stress and 'manage it' - we know this can be easier said than done

  • wairua or spiritual health - staying connected with activities or practices that help us to relax or feel at peace


We can help you to identify areas of your health that may be suffering, and connect you with the support and resources you need.

Some examples include


At a 'Working Well' lifecycle appointment, we will ensure you are up to date with any outstanding tests - blood tests, blood pressure, cervical screening, mammography etc

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