A new way of working, for a healthier you!

New Patients

We have plenty of capacity for new patients, if you are new to Christchurch, or our side of town, or just want a change in doctor then we are pleased to have you join our practice. Just have a look at the list of doctors on “our staff” page and make a short list of who you would like to see. Please note that some doctors only work 3 to 4 days per week or are very popular so you will have to plan ahead if you want to see them.

At Village Health we think continuity is extremely important and try to ensure you see your enrolled doctor for every visit. This may require a little more planning on your part and juggling on ours but we think you’ll agree that it’s worth it.  We always have a doctor available to see urgent cases if your doctor is not available. Enrol online here (allow about 10 minutes). Please note that it may take up to 10 days to get your records transferred from your previous practice but if you are from the South Island we can see you before your notes come in as we can access your hospital records online. Please note that controlled or restricted medications will not be prescribed until your electronic notes are received from your previous doctor.  First appointments must be paid for before seeing the doctor.

Latest News

We have MOVED into a fantastic purpose-built facility just down the block at 30 Lincoln Road.

Book an appointment online or use the APP if you are registered for Manage My Health.

If you would like to enrol you can do it online here - it will take about 10 minutes to enrol (however it may take a week or so to get your records transferred from your previous practice).


Welcome to Village Health where our focus is you! Our team is made up of General Practitioners, Nurses, a Physiotherapist, Health Care Assistant, a Dietitian and Receptionists who all work together as a team to look after you. With our new way of working, you won’t always need to see the doctor (which can often mean we can provide an equivalent service more conveniently).


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Acute and drop in Clinics

You can always get an urgent appointment.


Book appointments online, order repeat prescriptions. Learn More

Teaching Practice

We are a teaching practice of the NZ College of General practice.

Acute and Drop in Clinics and Late Nights

In order to manage workload, one doctor is assigned every morning and afternoon for the “Acute Clinic” so you can always get an urgent appointment (we’ll always try your enrolled doctor first). We will also be taking turns to provide a Wednesday evening clinic so you won’t always need to take time off work to see us.


Village Health invests in Manage-My-Health, an IT tool which allows you to book appointments online, order repeat prescriptions, see your test results and message the team. Our Health Care Assistant, will be available to help you sign up and get going.

Our Staff.

Great staff make for a great experience for you and ultimately better health because you get the service and the treatment you need. We have doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, a dietitian and a fantastic admin and support team too. Read on for more information.