A new way of working, for a healthier you!

The way we do things has changed with phone

When you phone us to make an appointment, you will be asked to declare if you have had any of the following symptoms - cough, runny nose, sore throat, chest congestion, ear ache, headache, diarrhea, vomiting or conjunctivitis.

Click here to go to the Ministry of Health website and read more about symptoms of COVID-19 and testing criteria.

Please don't be afraid to say yes to having any of these symptoms. If you are unwell and need to be seen by a doctor, you will be seen in our purpose-built, negative pressure room. Either a doctor or nurse will call you to assess your need to be seen face to face.

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New Patients

At Village Health we think continuity is extremely important and try to ensure you see your enrolled doctor for every visit. Please note that it may take up to 10 days to get your records transferred from your previous practice.

Please ensure you can provide identification upon enrolment (passport, birth certificate, drivers licence, kiwi access card).

For non-NZ residents, please ensure you have a passport and valid VISA with at least an 18 month expiry before completing the enrolment form. If you are enrolling online, you can attach a copy of this documentation, or drop it off to us here at the practice.

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Download and view our Appointment Aid

Time is important to us, and to you.

Take a look at our Appointment Aid to help prioritise your medical concerns before you attend your GP appointment.

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Please bring a mask to your appointment regardless of COVID-19 alert level


Welcome to Village Health where our focus is you! Our team is made up of General Practitioners, Nurses, a Physiotherapist, Healthcare Assistant, a Dietitian and Receptionists who all work together as a team to look after you. We are now offering new ways to cater to your needs  e.g phone consultations and online prescriptions that can be emailed directly to your preferred pharmacy, so you may not always need to see the doctor. We also offer other services such as Dietitian and Nurse led clinics for management of long term conditions.


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Acute Clinics

We run a daily acute clinic for urgent concerns. These are very popular and tend to fill up quickly, so please call as soon as possible.



Book appointments online, order repeat prescriptions. Learn More

The Manage My Health online booking function is currently suspended due to COVID-19.

Teaching Practice

We are a teaching practice of the NZ College of General practice.

Late night clinics are available - Tues and Weds until 6pm


The Manage My Health online booking function is currently suspended due to COVID-19. You can still order repeat prescriptions.

Village Health invests in Manage-My-Health, an IT tool which allows you to book appointments online, order repeat prescriptions, see your test results and message the team. Our Healthcare Assistant, will be available to help you sign up and get going.

Our Staff.

Great staff make for a great experience for you and ultimately better health because you get the service and the treatment you need. We have doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, a dietitian and a fantastic admin and support team too. Read on for more information.