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‘Fit to Fly’ – COVID swabs for travel

If you are travelling out of New Zealand, you will need to provide your airline with a negative COVID 'PCR' swab or RAT (Rapid Antigen Test) within so many hours of departure.

This PCR swab is taken from the naso-pharyngeal cavity (up the nose).

The RAT is also taken from up the nose.

Fit 2 Fly COVID PCR swab only $190 Monday -Thursday

Fit 2 Fly RAT $50 Monday - Friday

Monday to Thursday, you have the choice to take your swab to the Canterbury Health Laboratories yourself at 550 Hagley Avenue, or to use our routine courier service at no further cost.

***The above prices are subject to change, depending on each countries requirements. Please take care to find out what your travel destinations require.

**** An administration fee of $25 per person is chargeable if you cancel your 'Fit to Fly' appointment at any time after your booking has been confirmed.

Please read through the following information:

Click here for the Ministry of Health's 'Advice for Travellers'.

Click here for information on New Zealand's current 'Quarantine Free' travel arrangements with certain countries.


Points to note:

  • Each country will have different requirements as to the specific tests they require and when they require the negative result by. You can check the requirements of the country you are travelling to, by contacting their local High Commission, Embassy or Consulate in New Zealand.

  • COVID PCR swab processing times are solely dependent on the laboratories and not in any way to do with Village Health. Processing times can vary and are often dependent on demand. This can mean it can take 2-3 days for PCR test results to be available. If your travel plans change to a later day than expected, a re-test and negative result may be required.

  • COVID Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) results will be available on the same day of the test.

  • If the test is positive, your GP team will talk with you about what happens next. You will not be able to travel.

Click here to book your COVID swab for travel

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