Type of Service

Enrolled Patients

Non Enrolled Patients

Consultation (13yrs and Under) No Charge $51 with or without CSC
Consultation (14 -17yrs) $13 with CSC, $39 without CSC $59 with CSC

$79 without CSC

Consultation (Students in full-time study 18-25yrs) $19.50 with CSC, $39 without CSC $59 with CSC

$77 without CSC

Consultation (18yrs & over) $19.50 with CSC, $54 without CSC $71 with CSC

$87 without CSC

Late night fees (from 5pm)

CSC discounts do not apply after 5pm.

$10 surcharge for both CSC and non CSC holder Not available

ACC Surcharges

Enrolled Patients

Non Enrolled Patients

ACC Consult (13yrs and under) No Charge No Charge
ACC Consult  (14 - 17yrs) $13 with CSC, $39 without CSC $59 with CSC

$79 without CSC

ACC Consult (18yrs and over) $19.50 with CSC, $54 without CSC $59 with

$87 without CSC

Overseas non-eligible patients

All Patients - per 15 minute appointment $99

Lab Tests - please ask for a quote in your appointment

Other Services for Enrolled Patients

Prescriptions Pickup/faxed $25
Urgent prescriptions same day

Controlled drugs/Class B meds



Aclasta infusions Charge may apply
B4 School Checks No charge
Blood Tests & Interpretation $15
Blood Pressure check
(outside of normal consultation)
Boostrix $62**
B12 injection $15
Cervical Smears - with nurse


$31 without CSC, $29.50 with CSC
Plastic Speculum $10
Depo-Provera (includes an annual nurse review with 3 monthly injections). $19.50  with CSC, $33 without CSC 3 monthly injection $10
Dressings - Non ACC $10+
Dressings - ACC $0 -10
DNA's (if appointment not cancelled 24 hours prior***) $30
Double appointment 30 minutes $106.50 with CSC, $136 without CSC
E.C.G $50
Extended consultations 18-20 minutes $70 for non-CSC card holders only
Driver licence medical (75 years and over) $93
Driver licence medical (commercial) $118
Fluvax - under 65 $30
Home visits (price depends on travelling distance & GP time) $120 - 150
Iron infusions Charge may apply
I.V line insertion/drugs $25
Liquid Nitrogen treatment (refer to schedule below ****) $31-$74
Mini ACE cognitive assessment $28
Minor Surgery at Doctors discretion $250+
Mirena /Jadelle intrauterine device $220 Some people will qualify for a subsidised Mirena, ask us for more information.
Non scheduled Vaccines and Vaccinations for Travel Enquire for fee
Nurse consultation (15 minutes) $19.50 with CSC, $33 without CSC
Oxygen/Nebuliser $20
Pre-employment medical $87+ $87+
Pregnancy test (not confirmed pregnant) $10
Scheduled Immunisations for Children No Charge
Failure to attend an appointment $30
Referral Letters, including lab forms - if requested outside consultation $25+
Referral Letters - As part of consultation but if extra time is required for consultation $20 - $30
Removal of sutures Charge may apply
Form Completion: Travel insurance, Passport Photo, Disability forms if no consultation, Jury Service, Private operation insurance information, Mobility forms, Taxi forms, P.D letter, Housing Corp letter  $40 - 80
Dietitian (initial appointment 45 minutes) $75 $115 (unenrolled)
Dietitian (follow up appointment 30 minutes) $50 $60 (unenrolled)
Administration fees A $25 administration fee will be charged to patients who enrol with our practice and then transfer to another practice within 12 months (this does not apply to patients who move cities).



CSC = Community Services Card

** Free for pregnant women between 16 and 40 weeks of pregnancy.

*** Cancellation policy - please note we require at least a 24 notice period for cancelled appointments. A $30 fee will apply if appointments are not cancelled within this time frame. Please call us to cancel or change your appointment.

**** Changes to Liquid Nitrogen Pricing Schedule

As of 1st April 2021, the pricing for liquid nitrogen application has changed. Pricing for application starts at $31, and may or may not require a GP appointment. The different pricing depends on the number of lesions to be treated, and whether or not is is done within a GP or nurse appointment.