Type of Service

Enrolled Patients

Non Enrolled Patients

Consultation (12yrs and Under) No Charge $47 with or without CSC or HUHC
Consultation (13 -17yrs) $35 $55 with CSC or HUHC, $75 without
Consultation (Students in full-time study 18-  25yrs) $35 $67 with CSC or HUHC, $83 without
Consultation (18yrs & over) $45 $67 with CSC or HUHC, $83 without

ACC Surcharges

Enrolled Patients

Non Enrolled Patients

ACC Consult (12yrs and under) No Charge No Charge
ACC Consult  (13 - 17yrs) $35 with or without CSC or HUHC $55 with or without CSC or HUHC
ACC Consult (18yrs and over) $45 with or without CSC or HUHC $55 with or without CSC or HUHC

Overseas non eligible patients

All Patients - per 15 minute appointment $95

Lab Tests

Please ask for a quote. A $10 handling fee on top of the quoted amount will be incurred for all tests taken at the surgery.

Non eligible patients travelling on 1yr visas can elect to pay a 1yr fixed fee or casual rate. Please enquire at reception for further information.

Other Services for Enrolled Patients

Prescriptions Pickup/faxed $20
Urgent prescriptions same day $30
Aclasta infusions Charge may apply
B4 School Checks No charge
Blood Tests & Interpretation* $15
Blood Pressure check
(outside of normal consultation)
Boostrix $58**
B12 injection $10
Cervical Smears - with nurse $31
Plastic Speculum $10
Depoprovera $25
Dressings - Non ACC $10+
Dressings - ACC $0 -10
E.C.G $50
Fluvax - under 65 $27
Home visits (price depends on travelling distance & Drs time) $105 - 150
Iron infusions Charge may apply
I.V line insertion/drugs $25
Liquid Nitrogen treatment (eg. for warts) $15
MOCA's (Montreal Cognitive Assessment) $28
Minor Surgery at Doctors discretion $150 upwards
Non scheduled Vaccines and Vaccinations for Travel Enquire for fee
Nurse consultation (15 minutes) $28
Oxygen/Nebuliser $20
Pregnancy test (not confirmed pregnant) $10
Scheduled Immunisations for Children No Charge
Failure to attend appointment Charge may apply
Referral Letters - if requested outside consultation $19 - 24
Referral Letters - As part of consultation but if extra time is required for consultation $15 - 20
Removal of sutures Charge may apply
Form Completion: Travel insurance, Passport Photo, Disability forms if no consultation, Jury Service, Private operation insurance information, Mobility forms, Taxi forms, P.D letter, Housing Corp letter  $20 - 40
Dietitian (30 - 45 minutes) $50 - 75
Student Dietitian
(Free clinic available Thursday afternoons during University Term)
No charge


Notes: * Blood tests can be taken at no charge at any of the private Laboratories. Please note there are some exceptions to this eg. overseas visitors and insurance medical requests.

** Free for pregnant women at certain stage of pregnancy. Please call for more information.