Please continue to ring through to reception if you would like to book an appointment. This will allow us to give you the best appointment available for your health needs.

Due to the increased demand during the pandemic our phone lines have been very busy at times which can be challenging. We can assure you we are doing our best to respond to calls as quickly as we can. We ask that you are patient with us around this.

We are encouraging our patients to book Telehealth appointments. This can be ether via phone call or via video using an easy-to-set-up platform called ‘Doxy me’. We recognize that face-to -face appointments may still be required, these types of appointments will be triaged first by a nurse or doctor.

Doxy Me Patient Instruction Guide: 

Five minutes before the appointment please follow the instructions below to connect to your doctor using Doxy Me. You can do this from a computer with a webcamera or from your cellphone.

In your Internet web browser type
Click "sign up" then "I'm a Patient"
After " " Type in your Doctors code ( Listed Below ) to enter their waiting room.

Use the code for your doctor you are seeing for that appointment, this might be different to your regular Doctor in some cases.

If the Doctor isnt ready yet it will advise that you are waiting for the doctor. Please stay connected and the doctor will join you as soon as they can.

Dr Eve Fitzgerald Code: drevefitzgerald
Dr Isobel Platt Code: drisobelplatt
Dr Jinhee Ahn Code: drjinheeahn
Dr Janine Close Code: drjaninec
Dr Miriam Martin Code: drmiriammartin
Dr Janine Searle Code: drjaninesearle
Dr Joan Leighton Code: drjoanleighton
Dr Ibrahim Al-Busaidi Code: dribrahimalbusaidi
Dr Nicole Anderson Code: drnicoleanderson
NURSES: nursesvh
PHYSIO Susan Saul Code: susansaul


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Phone triage

The word 'triage' in medical terms means to determine the order of treatment based on severity of symptoms, and the capacity of the medical staff and facility.

Our reception team will advise you if a doctor or nurse will call you and at what time, to determine if you need to be seen in person.

Please be understanding of this process, and as always we welcome your feedback as we navigate our way through this new landscape.

You may be offered:

- a phone triage with your GP (5 min) - a phone consultation with your GP (15-20 min)
- a phone triage with a nurse (5 min) - a phone consultation with a nurse (15-20 min)
- a face to face consultation in our purpose built negative pressure room (15-20 min) - a 'drive through' consultation in our 'obs and swabs'* clinic in the carpark (usually about 5-10 min)
- a regular face to face consultation in the clinic (15-20 min) - a video consultation with a nurse or GP (15-20 min)

*'Obs and swabs' is our way of saying we will check your vital signs or 'observations' and take a COVID swab if indicated.

Things that can be done over the phone

Repeat prescriptions, medical certificates and many other referrals and bits of paperwork that you need can be done over the phone. ACC and WINZ paperwork will most likely need a face to face consultation, but usually these can wait until you are well. Our friendly staff will advise you on the best way to meet your needs.

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