At Village Health, we work as a team so we can provide the best care possible for you. You don’t always need to make an appointment with a doctor, sometimes a nurse or one of our other health staff may be able to help you just as well. Have a look at the role descriptions below to get an idea of how we work.


The doctors at Village Health see patients directly for most aspects of medical care, however we have a great team of nurses and others health professionals that will inevitably contribute to your overall care.  Check out our doctors here. Once you are registered with a doctor, we encourage you to try and stick with them for your appointments.  If your normal doctor is not available, we have an acute clinic to deal with ‘on the day’ problems.

GP Registrars

We are a teaching practice of the NZ College of General practice. This means that we will have GP registrars working at Lincoln Road. All registrars are qualified doctors and many have extensive experience in the hospital system. Our GP registrars are always under supervision with one of the other doctors in the practice. You may be offered an appointment with them if your GP is unavailable.


You can book appointments directly or be referred by the doctor to see a physiotherapist. Our physiotherapists are especially good with acute back pain as she can teach you manage your pain in the acute phase. Other types of musculoskeletal pain can be seen initially by a physio who can provide you with strapping. It’s no trouble for her to pop through to the doctors and get a script for pain relief if you need it.

To see our Physiotherapy treatment list, please click here.


The nurses run their clinics alongside the doctors, as well as doing any tasks that come out of those consultations. A nurse consultation is cheaper and more convenient than seeing the doctor. Be assured that if something appears amiss, they will pass you onto one of the doctors.

Health Care Assistants

We now have the luxury of an HCA in the practice. The HCA’s assist the nurses by doing many of the routine tasks such as clinical observations (heights, weights, BP, Pulse etc). They get equipment ready and are involved in cleaning and tidying rooms before and after procedures. HCA’s are also involved in administrative tasks such as the recall system and notifying normal results and follow-up requests. This has freed the nurses up hugely to be able to spend more time in clinical care.


Our reception staff are your first port of call when you want to make an appointment or need a prescription etc. Now you don’t need to ring us for everything – you can email via Manage-My-Health and they will forward the request on as appropriate.




We have a range of health professionals available for consultations, have a look at the roles to decide who would be the best person to see.


You can also email us for free for up to three days after an appointment if you have any questions via the Manage-My-Health portal. Sometimes you might just have a question about something but don’t really need to come in for an actual appointment. Although there is still a charge for email requests, this might be a better option for you. For example, you might be travelling overseas and want to know what vaccinations you might need.

Vasectomy Clinics

Village Health has a visiting doctor that specialises in vasectomy operations. They are accredited as Southern Cross providers and because they do them all the time, they are really good at them! Drop a line via to make an appointment and they will let you know when they are next available.