Obs and Swabs Casual Enrolment

This page is for people who have accompanied a casual* patient requiring a COVID-19 swab in the carpark 'Obs and Swabs' clinic. In the event that the clinician that sees you for your swab, recommends others in your car are also swabbed, we need to record some personal details of the additional people needing swabs.

The form below is a 'contact-free' way for you to help us to complete the necessary paperwork required when performing a COVID-19 swab.

After you have had a COVID-19 swab, you MUST self-isolate until your swab result comes back as negative. This is a required by law. We will notify you via text message when we receive your swab result.

The Ministry of Health provides extensive information on what it means to self-isolate. Click through to read this information here.

*a patient not registered at Village Health