Stay Flu-Free This Winter

Primary urgent and emergency care are already busier than usual, please help us keep as many people Flu-free as possible this winter. Simple measures like good hygiene practices, staying home if you are unwell and cleaning and disinfecting highly touched areas regularly can significantly reduce the spread of flu this winter season.

Getting the flu shot every year is your best protection against the flu

Flu shots are available from your GP team or some pharmacies. For details of clinics providing COVID-19 and Flu immunisations visit You can get a free flu shot if you are:

  • aged 65 years and over
  • Māori or Pasifika aged 55+
  • pregnant
  • have a certain chronic health condition
  • Tamariki  3-12 years old
  • People with serious mental health or addiction-related needs.

Free flu shots are also available to children aged between six months and 5 years who have a history of significant respiratory illness. If you’ve recently had COVID-19 you can have a flu jab as soon as you’ve recovered.

For those who do get sick but are not too unwell, good advice on how to self-care safely at home can be found using the link below.

Home - Stay Flu Free This Winter

If you or your whanau are sick and needing help here in canterbury.

  • Call Healthline on 0800 611 116 first for advice 24/7
  • If you think you may have flu, don’t visit your general practice team or health provider in person without calling first, and stay away from hospital unless it’s an emergency
  • Stay away from work or school if you’re sick
  • Seek help early if the sick person is pregnant/hapū, a young child/tamariki, elderly/kaumātua, significantly overweight, has an ongoing health condition (like asthma, diabetes or a heart or lung condition) or is taking medication that affects the immune system.