If you think you have an infectious illness and you are concerned, you will need to ring Healthline on 0800 358 5453. The staff at Healthline will direct you. If they advise you to see your GP, you will need to call us first. DO NOT PRESENT TO THE CLINIC.

Signs of an infectious illness could be -

  • fever
  • vomiting and/or diarrhea
  • sore throat
  • earache
  • runny nose
  • cough
  • conjunctivitis with other symptoms

The latest information about coronavirus can be found here.  

Self-care advice for all viral illness such as colds (in adults), colds in children and flu can be found here.  

If you need to call us, initially a nurse or GP will assess you and decide whether you can be managed at home, at this point some patients may be given phone advice and a prescription. If this resolves the issue you will be charged $20 (unless the normal consultation charge for your age group is less). If the issue is complex you may be placed for a video or phone consultation – this will incur normal appointment charges.  

You may be invited in for a “drive through consultation” – this consists of you remaining in your car and parking in our ambulance bay. Please park with the front of the car inwards and the patient on the right side of the car. A nurse (dressed in protective clothing) will come out to see you to take some measurements of your temperature, pulse, respiratory rate and oxygen saturation. The window of the car should be opened on the right side next to the patient about 15 cm open and also on the LEFT side of the car – this creates negative flow of viral particles and keeps the staff member safe.  If the nurse is concerned you will be given an appointment for a video or phone consultation by a doctor or a doctor may come out to see you. The doctor will talk to you and decide whether you need a swab for coronavirus and give you advice about how to manage at home or whether you need further assessment at hospital. Please see our video consult instructions here (normal appointment fees apply).  

Please be patient with our process, we are endeavouring to keep you and our staff safe from coronavirus and prevent transmission of infection. We are also trying to keep you safe from catching COVID-19 if you just have a normal cold or flu.   

What happens if I have coronavirus?

Fortunately most people only have a mild illness. If you are unwell and your swab comes back positive for coronavirus we will send you URL links on self-care at home. Your disease will be reported to public health so that contacts can be traced and isolated. If you condition deteriorates we will try to keep you at home as long as possible where this is safe to do so, we are able to loan you equipment to take recordings of your pulse and oxygen saturation and temperature at home and keep in touch via video consults. This will ensure that you are only hospitalised when absolutely necessary.