Travel vaccinations are complicated, that’s why we recommend you have an initial consultation with your GP.  Some vaccinations may require a course of vaccines over several months and we generally recommend that you consult with us about 6 months prior to departure in order to have enough time.

The initial consultation and completion of the travel vaccination plan is $65. This initial consultation can be via email or phone. Following the consultation, the doctor will complete a travel vaccination plan which includes the cost of the vaccinations and time frame. It is your decision then, how you would like to proceed.

The cost for each visit for vaccinations is then the cost of the vaccine which includes the injection fee. It is likely that your vaccinations and travel health requirements are going to cost around $300 (including the cost of vaccinations) –this is a small percentage of the overall cost of your travel and a small price to pay to avoid these often debilitating and life-threatening illnesses.

Note: we are unable to vaccinate for Yellow Fever, you should attend a specialist travel medical professional for those particular vaccinations.

  • There is a $10 discount for the travel vaccination plan for any subsequent family member travelling to the same destination on the same trip.
  • There is no discount for children as this is not a government subsidised health consultation.
  • Travel vaccinations are not free and must be paid for at the time the vaccines are ordered.
  • There is a charge for Hep A and B serology if it is required as part of your vaccination work up.
  • Due to the short expiry dates and cost we do not keep some of the specialised vaccines on site, for this reason, please book a week in advance to give us time to order them in.
  • There is a prescription charge of $20 for medications including malaria prevention and any other recommended medication that you might take with you. (antiemetics, antidiarrhoeal, antibiotics, analgesics).