Service Time Description Price*
Initial consultation 45 min (enrolled)

60 minutes (unenrolled)

Full personal dietary assessment and initial plan and goals to go home with. Includes email summary of consultation for your reference*. $60

Unenrolled patients $75

Follow up consultation 30 minutes Review of plan and goals from initial consult. Further intervention set as per your progress*. $40

Unenrolled patients $50

Prescription consultation

(instead of Doctor’s consult)

30 minutes Review of pre-existing health condition and nutritional implications. Aim is to educate and motivate to help patients make good lifestyle choices beneficial for health condition/s. $45
Skype or phone consultation 45 minutes Full dietary consult via phone, skype or email*. $60

Invoiced to your Village Health account.

Follow up email or phone consultation 5 minutes Brief discussion of blood test results and how they relate to diet and lifestyle. For follow up to an appointment or to discuss blood test results only, FREE.
Supermarket tour 1 hour Minimum of 2 people. An in-depth tour of a local supermarket, exploring the healthiest options down every aisle, including brief label reading education*. $45 per person.

*You may qualify for a partially funded consultation. See Leanne, or speak to your GP for more information.