We are running a number of acute clinics everyday specific for different patient needs.

Given the changing landscape with regards to our efforts to minimise infection risk at our facility, we are triaging most of our appointments. While we understand this is not the most convenient way to do things, it is the safest and most efficient way to ensure patient's are seen when they need to be seen.

Remember the best thing to do in an emergency is to call 111.

Phone triage

The word 'triage' in medical terms means to determine the order of treatment based on severity of symptoms, and the capacity of the medical staff and facility.

Our reception team will advise you if a doctor or nurse will call you and at what time, to determine if you need to be seen in person.

Please be understanding of this process, and as always we welcome your feedback.

You may be offered:

- a phone triage with your GP (5 min) - a phone consultation with your GP (15-20 min)
- a phone triage with a nurse (5 min) - a phone consultation with a nurse (15-20 min)
- a face to face consultation in our purpose built negative pressure room (15-20 min) - a 'drive through' consultation in our 'obs and swabs'* clinic in the carpark (usually about 5-10 min)
- a regular face to face consultation in the clinic (15-20 min) - a video consultation with a nurse or GP (15-20 min)

*'Obs and swabs' is our way of saying we will check your vital signs or 'observations' and take a COVID swab if indicated.