Cardiovascular Disease Assessment

Holly HornerHealth Information

Two out of five deaths in New Zealand are due to cardiovascular disease. Many heart attacks and strokes are preventable. Heart attacks, angina, stroke, transient ischaemic attacks (TIA) and peripheral vascular disease(e.g blocked leg arteries) are all forms of cardiovascular disease.

Often the first time people know they have cardiovascular disease is when they have a heart attack or stroke.

You can assess your risk by answering the following questions. The more times you answer yes the greater your risk of heart attack or stroke is. You should see you family doctor to discuss your treatment options.

1. Are you male and older then 45 years

2. Are you female and older than 55

3. Do you smoke tobacco or have you recently stopped

4. Do you have high blood pressure

5. Are you overweight or obese

6. Have you had relatives die at a young age of heart attacks or strokes

7. Do you have diabetes or are you at risk

8. Are you Maori , Pacific Islander or from the Indian sub continent or Fiji

If you have answered yes to more than two of the above options you should make an appointment with your doctor.

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